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The successful coach celebrates World Cup gold by cultivating his unknown hobby. Now two other battles await.

GRANOLLERS (Aftenposten) Norway took gold and their 30th championship medal after winning the World Cup final. France is still wondering what hit them after the break.

Thorir Hergeirsson likes to have control over Nora Mørk and the handball girls. Also at home, he values ​​discipline. Especially in the kitchen.

France- Norway: 22–29

The players were crazy, and national team coach Thorir Hergeirsson was happy that the World Cup gold came home. So much work, so much preparation and so tough along the way. In an almost full hall where Norwegian supporters also made their mark, it was Norway who could take the victory dance after defeating France.

Long after the victory ceremony was over and the medals were handed out, the Norwegian girls did not want to leave the field. Camilla Herrem danced around with the big trophy.

Success coach Hergeirsson has again delivered to gold. He hopes to do the same in the kitchen when they have put the celebration behind them.

– I will go home and bake some traditional Icelandic cakes that are very good. The recipe is from my mother. Then I’ll make a gingerbread house, even if it’s a little late. But we will make it before Christmas, he promises.

He notices that the last few weeks have been intense.

– Baking and grooming in the house will be a good relaxation after the championship, he thinks and gets support from his wife.

– Yes, he likes it. It also means a bit of relaxation, because he has worked insanely hard. I know he’s tired. It will be to calm down and get to grips. Since it went well in the World Cup, he gets a boost from it, his wife Kirsten Gaard thinks.

She did not dare to watch the match live on TV.

– No, not until our son shouted and said that everything was done. I’ll watch the match in recording later, she laughs.

The whole family of five will be gathered at Klepp in Rogaland. Daughter Maria Thorisdottir, who is a professional football player at Manchester United, was not home for Christmas last year.

Thorir Hergeirsson lifts the trophy holding out the visible proof of Norway’s success.

It took a really long time to take this World Cup gold.

Henny Reistad and Silje Solberg were involved and turned the match in Norway’s favor. Goalkeeper Solberg took out what she remembered from the European Championship final where the save percentage was over 50. She was high and low. A real rescuer. And in the end, it was Norway that excelled.

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– Henny is the poinsettia. We needed a Christmas miracle, shouted NRK’s ​​Patrick Rowlands. By then, the 22-year-old had appeared towards the end.

– Henny is a unique player. Extreme physics, explosiveness, speed and altitude. She has everything and is difficult to stop, says Kari Brattset Dale.

Goalkeeper Silje Solberg is in no doubt:

– She’s the best in the world. She still has more potential and will get a lot better, but I already think she has such a high level. As a human being, she is humble, sweet, charming and incredibly easy to be around.

National team coach Tonje Larsen adds more:

– She has already struck. Henny is a young, very talented player. She has already proven what lives in her. She has a lot of routine even though she is 22 years old.

The victory dance: Norway is again world champion in handball.

So what does Henny Reistad say about all this praise? That she is described as the best in the world?

– I know how many other good players there are in handball in the world. I want to be one of them in the next few years. I try not to think of it as so big, but just work from day to day, the Esbjerg player explains. She scored six goals.

What a horrible first time

But for a long time it was so incredibly exciting that a victory seemed in the blue.

An angry rival for so many years was tough with his offensive defense. The code had to be cracked. And backwards, the Norwegian gang got more contact. Suddenly it was 16-16. The Norwegian drums were recognizable, and when France was called off for passive play when they were under 20-23 after 12 minutes in the second half, Norway’s self-confidence grew. This could go. For a period of ten minutes, the French did not score a single goal.

Norway played on everything they are good at. The routine came into its own. Solberg was so big in goal, and sister Sanna Solberg-Isaksen the same in defense and in return.

The second half was a dream. Just over four minutes before the end, Norway led 27-21.

– We put ourselves in that situation ourselves. Then it lifts us when Silje comes in and we get a little more stingy with the ball. I am impressed with the team in the second half, national team coach Thorir Hergeirsson told Viaplay after the match and at the same time sends a thank you to superkeeper Solberg.

– Fantastic. There is nothing else to say. She puts the list for us and then the team hangs on, said Hergeirsson.

Norway’s goalkeeper Silje Solberg emerged as a match winner in the World Cup final.

Norway was insatiable

Norway now has four World Cup titles, the same as Russia. Captain Stine Bredal Oftedal & Co. still leads with four silver and three bronze from the World Cup. It gives a total of ten medals.

But it was nerve-wracking from the start. Rarely has a first round been as chaotic as in this World Cup final. Both teams sent too many players on the field and were sent off. For a period, there were four against four on the field. At worst, Norway was six goals behind (16-10) after opponent France had been in the lead for the first 30 minutes.

What went wrong?

The defensive game was not connected. Goalkeeper Katrine Lunde was not on and was replaced by Silje Solberg who has had a good grip on the French. Luckily, she grew out of the fight, but it looked very ugly.

Going forward, it was too sideways and too few shots from outside. But Nora Mørk excelled with her input to Kari Brattset Dale on the line. Malin Aune set up a goal from the right wing and soon Henny Reistad was to present himself. At the break, it was 16-12 to France. Huff and huff.

But the joy came in full force after the break.

President Kåre Geir Lio sat in the stands and rubbed his hands. For what is built up by many works. Here is the formula for success:

Continuity. Only three national team coaches in this period: Sven-Tore Jacobsen, Marit Breivik and from 2009 Thorir Hergeirsson. In the last 38 years, there have only been three general secretaries in the association: Niels Hertzberg, Per Otto Furuseth and the current Erik Langerud.

Red thread. In the association, everything is connected with everything. There is a line from the younger to today’s national team players and they are taught in a school. Mia Hermansson Högdahl, former national team coach, has the main responsibility for following up on the coaches for various national teams.

Economy. Since the then board in 1984 borrowed on their houses to finance national team efforts, the economy has gradually improved all the time. Today it is very good with an annual budget of approx. 200 million kroner.

Sponsors. They are long-term and contribute approx. NOK 70 million every year. The main sponsors are Posten, which recently signed for four new years, and Gjensidige have been involved for over 30 years. Rema 1000, the third major, has just extended for four new years and has the same number already. Someone else at level two, like VG, has been involved for 30 years. Scandic and Norsk Tipping are also loyal.

The supporters. It all starts with the work in the clubs, done by good coaches, leaders and volunteers. They are indispensable for Norway to be high up, because they lay the foundation. NHF has invested heavily in education and quality in this subject. The regions are working well.

Recruitment. Handball has grown to become Norway’s second largest sport after football. Today has 136,000 members. The goal is to pass 140,000 faster than fy. The ambitions are high.

Equality. The association has always thought that boys and girls should have the same developmental conditions. In the management of the senior teams, especially on the women’s side, a man and a woman have almost always had the main responsibility together. Now Hergeirsson has Tonje Larsen with him. Previously, he himself was in a duo with Breivik.

Supporters. The ones Norway has are faithful. Year after year, the Reds are seen in the stands in championships, as important contributors to cheer on the team and create atmosphere. The national team players greatly appreciate this and thank the fans after the matches.

Age-specific landscape. Has a wide opening at the bottom, so that everyone who wants and can should have the opportunity to try. Many scouts flock to teams in Handball Norway. The young are picked up from the age of 14-15. Norway currently has six national teams before recruit and then senior. Apart from that, there are a number of city team tournaments, regional and regional gatherings. Many activities and not just for the best.

Else Karin Singstad (left) and Anne Berg are two national team players who played for Norway for many years. Now they were present at the final.

On Monday, the players go their separate ways, some are going home. Nora Mørk and Katrine Lunde in Vipers are happy that the space Christmas NM final against Molde has been postponed due to the pandemic. It means long-awaited time with the family. Norway’s medal winners have been away from home for over a month. Christmas ribs, chops and lutefisk are now on the menu.

Finally, peace can descend on Handball Norway.

PS. Denmark took the bronze with a victory 35-28 over Spain.

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