Friday, January 21

Will Norway pick up the gold for Christmas? Follow the World Cup final here.

Follow Norway-France live – match starts at 17.30.

Goalkeeper Katrine Lunde was named the course’s best in the semifinals.
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  • Katrine Lunde starts the final in goal for Norway.

  • Most important in the French team: Backs Grace Zaadie, Estelle Nze Minko, Melina Nocandy, Laura Flippes and Allison Pineau. String player Pauletta Foppa and right wing Alicia Toublanc also made a strong mark when the semi-final was turned against the Danes. France have lost the first-choice finisher, Amadine Leynaud, since the Olympics. But the duo Laura Glauser and Cleopatre Darleux can create trouble for Norway. The tough French defensive game is controlled by Beatrice Edwige.

  • The French coach Olivier Krumbholz has a very long history. He already led France in the country’s first World Cup final in 1999. It was lost 25-24 after four extra innings against Norway. He led France to the first World Cup gold in 2003, but had to be beaten 32-24 by Norway in the World Cup final in Brazil 2011. In 2017, Norway were once again big favorites before the World Cup final against Krumbholz and France in Hamburg. But the French ring fox managed to slow down the pace of the match and take a surprising 23-21 victory over Norway.

  • Norway beat France 22-20 in last year’s European Championship final. A close and even match that Norway decided at the very end after particularly good performances by goalkeeper Silje Solberg and back player Nora Mørk.

  • This is a showdown between women’s handball’s two giants. In the last five years, Norway has won two European Championship titles, while France has won gold from both the World Cup, European Championships and the Olympics. The French girls beat Russia in the Olympic final in Tokyo four months ago, while Norway ended up in bronze.

  • France reached the final after beating Denmark 23-22 in a dramatic match on Friday. Norway won better – 27-21 after a good second half against Spain.

  • Welcome to the World Cup final in handball. France and Norway settle for gold in Palau d’Esports in Granollers.

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