Wednesday, January 19

Coronavirus: crowded intensive care units for the end of the year holidays

The end of the year holidays are approaching, and the number of positive cases for Covid-19 continues to increase. Several hospitals in France still do not have enough beds and caregivers, such as the Sainte Catherine Cancer Institute in Avignon.

Resuscitation services are approaching 3,000 patients, while the daily average of contamination settles above 50,000, according to figures released Sunday by Public Health France.

These critical care services, where the most serious cases are treated, had 2,936 patients on Sunday, against 2,933 the day before. There were 91 admissions in 24 hours. In total, 15,528 patients are hospitalized, against 15,370 the day before.

The trend has been a clear increase over the past month, a period over which this figure has almost doubled (+ 97%).

Public Health France reports 48,473 new cases in 24 hours, the daily average over the last seven days exceeding 52,000 daily cases. The number of deaths since the start of the epidemic has reached 121,493.

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