Wednesday, January 19

Four in 10 SMEs want their company cars to be electric by 2026

(Belga) Despite the unknowns about the cost of switching to green mobility, four out of ten SMEs with company cars want their fleet to be fully electric before 2026 and 25% of them will already install charging stations in the workplace next year, according to a survey of 560 small and medium-sized enterprises by HR departments Acerta and employers’ organizations ETION and VKW Limburg.

From 2026, companies will only be able to deduct electric company cars from their taxes. While 39% of SMEs with company cars predict that their entire fleet will be zero emissions by 2026, 57% of them believe that they will not be able to own a fully electric fleet by 2026 this deadline. As for the remaining 4%, they plan to no longer have a company car by 2026. In addition, the cost remains a blind spot: 83% of SMEs today do not have the slightest idea of ​​what they will cost them. new measures on company cars and the mobility budget. “Many companies continue to have questions about the electrification of their fleet. Do we also have to install charging devices in the homes of workers? Will there also be charging stations in the streets? Is the charging station system standardized? … There are no ready-to-use solutions for companies. A step-by-step plan will certainly be of precious help for companies “, pointed out Michaël Zahlen, mobility expert at Acerta Consult. (Belga)

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