Friday, January 21

Jérôme Béglé’s editorial: “immigration and security, the embarrassment of the left”

Jérôme Béglé, deputy editor-in-chief of Le Point, devotes his editorial of this Monday, December 20 to the left, far from garnering all the votes and whose time is running out for the presidential election.

Manuel Valls who declares at the Grand Rendez-Vous Europe1-Cnews that immigration must be stopped, Laurent Bouvet, founder of the Republican Spring, who dies without provoking the tribute he deserved, the clashes caused by Algerian supporters after the victory of their national team in the Arab Cup of Nations which hardly arouse reprobation… the left still trembled on these bases this weekend.

This “great corpse backwards where the worms are put” as Jean-Paul Sartre wrote, is now considering offering himself to Christiane Taubira. Good or bad idea ? Editorial by Jérôme Béglé.

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