Tuesday, January 18

550,000 Telenor customers without access to TV 2 channels at the entrance to the Christmas holidays

TV 2 and Telenor have not yet reached an agreement on a new agreement. This means that almost one million viewers are still without TV 2’s channels at the beginning of Christmas.

The dialogue has continued in recent days, but without any agreement. This is stated by TV 2 in an e-mail to NTB.

– We are desperate about the situation. We would very much like to have signed a new agreement before Christmas so viewers could get our channels back. Viewers are not to blame for this. At the same time, we lose large sums every single day. So there must be no doubt that TV 2 really wants to come up with a solution, says communications director Sarah CJ Willand in TV 2.

She says TV 2 is willing to negotiate through the Christmas holidays.

– But then Telenor can not continue with offers that in reality are significantly lower price than what everyone else pays for TV 2’s channels, Willand says.

– Sorry

Telenor also says they are sorry for the situation towards customers.

– Despite extensive negotiations, Telenor and TV 2 have not agreed on a new agreement, and we are still without rights to show TV 2’s channels and content. We are very sorry that this situation affects our customers. Now there are many who are starting to get impatient, and we understand that well, says information manager Amalie Knudsen in an e-mail to NTB.

However, they completely disagree with TV 2 that the offers they have made are unreasonable.

Willing to pay more than before

– Telenor is willing to pay significantly more to TV 2 than before for a long-term agreement that provides added value to customers and supports TV 2’s increased content costs. TV 2 has not accepted our offers, even though these are up to a total of 70 percent more than what we have paid TV 2 before, says Knudsen.

She also says Telenor is willing to continue the dialogue.

– To reach the finish line for Christmas, we have given TV 2 a new offer that corresponds to a sharp increase in investment in today’s content. We at Telenor are prepared to continue the dialogue with TV 2.


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