Friday, January 21

British omicron figures: 50–70 per cent less risk of hospitalization

Preliminary figures from the British health authorities suggest that the risk of hospitalization in the case of omicron infection is 50–70 per cent lower than with the delta variant.

The British findings come after data from other places also indicate that omicron causes milder disease than other variants – but that it also spreads faster and bypasses vaccines to a greater extent.

The UK Health Security Agency says that based on cases in the UK, it is 31-45 per cent less likely that a person infected with the omicron variant seeks out health institutions compared to the delta variant. There is a 50-70 percent lower risk of them being admitted to hospital, according to the agency.

At the same time, they make a reservation that the data material is “preliminary and very uncertain”. The reason is the low number of omikron patients in hospitals, and the fact that most of the patients belong to younger age groups.

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