Sunday, May 22

North: a 13-year-old teenager found dead in a squat

A teenage girl was found dead in a squatted apartment in Roubaix. The circumstances of the death are still unknown.

On Wednesday 22 December, the Roubaix police were alerted to the presence of a young girl who died inside an apartment in the Alma district, north of the city.

“I confirm the discovery yesterday of the lifeless body of a 13 and a half year old teenager in a squatted apartment in Roubaix, rue de la Barbe d’Or”, confirmed Carole Etienne, the Lille prosecutor.

The teenager ran away from her home a few days earlier and took refuge in this apartment with two other young girls, a major (20 years old) and another minor (17 years old).

It is also this one who contacted the police, around 9 am, after having “come out in tears of the building”, according to the residents.

One of these locals told The voice of the North what he witnessed: “she explained to me that her friend had drunk a lot the day before, that she had left her lying on a mattress and that in the early morning, she had realized her death. “

For the moment, the circumstances of his death are still unknown and “an investigation has been opened to find the causes of death. Investigations are underway, particularly forensic, ”said Carole Etienne.

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