Sunday, January 16

Unusual. Even a minister laughs at “Emily in Paris”

If you’ve seen the start of the second season of “Emily in Paris” you must know what we’re talking about.

Back on Netflix since Wednesday, the series did not fail, once again, to make Internet users react to the clichés of the idealized and luxurious French life that it promotes.

The character played by Lily Collins and we love hated indeed embarks aboard a night train, direction… Saint-Tropez.

A scene that did not fail to make people talk since the train looks more like the Orient-Express than an SNCF train.

At what time does the Orient-Express night train?

Once again, we see that the “kitsch” series is watched by people with very diverse backgrounds.

Even the Secretary of State in charge of rurality, Joël Giraud, went there with his tweet: “Well, Emily in the night train is perhaps exaggerating by going to Saint-Tropez … But with the night train, we can still wake up in the heart of the Alps and travel in completely renovated cars! “

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Other Internet users have not been so moderate in their publications. “You surprise me that tourists are traumatized when they arrive here” we can read on the web.

Another “tweetos” adds: “Will you have to explain to me at what time we have an Orient Express type night train that goes to Gare de Lyon-Villefranche? “

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