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Covid-19: these countries which put the mask back on the outside

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has prompted several countries to reinstate the wearing of compulsory masks outdoors. A measure supposed to curb the increase in cases in these holiday season. Here is the list.


If Spain is one of the world champions in vaccination, the country has suffered a sharp increase in the number of contaminations. On December 23, 60,041 people tested positive in 24 hours.

As a result, the socialist government at the head of the nation announced on December 22 the return of the compulsory mask outside. Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister explained that this measure was “temporary” and would be withdrawn “as soon as possible”.

Indeed, this obligation aims to curb the spread of the Omicron variant, which is very rapid in the country. In 14 days, the incidence rate stabilized around 784 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. A figure four times higher than it was on December 1.


In order to “raise the level of attention” to the virus, Roberto Speranza, Italian Minister of Health announced on December 23 the return to wearing the surgical mask outside. The latter has not yet revealed the exact date on which this measure would be applied.

Roberto Speranza nevertheless declared that wearing a mask would be compulsory to go to the cinema, the theater, sporting events or on public transport.

The Italian government has also announced that parties and events involving the participation of many people will be banned until the end of January, even outdoors.


The measure was withdrawn in June, it is back in December in Greece. “The Christmas period is very important for religious, social and economic reasons,” government spokesman Giannis Economou said.

Thus, from Friday and until January 2 at least, the wearing of the mask will be obligatory outside and inside. Additional restrictions should be indicated to the population in the coming days.

Greece is struggling to persuade its citizens over 60 to get vaccinated. A monthly fine has been imposed to convince the elderly to receive at least one dose by mid-January.

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