Friday, January 28

Emily in Paris, season 2: when a member of the government has fun with the night train cliché

Season 2 of the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” was released on the platform on December 22. It didn’t take long for some clichés to be mocked on social networks. Except this time, the taunts took on a political dimension.

In her new adventures, the heroine, Emily Cooper, is brought to travel in France. In order to discover the French landscapes, the latter decided to take a particularly luxurious night train to go to the city of Saint-Tropez (Var).

A sequence that did not fail to react Internet users, including Joël Giraud, the Secretary of State in charge of Rurality. On his Twitter account, he kindly made fun of Emily Cooper’s image of a night train by sharing an “Instagram vs reality” montage.

But Joël Giraud is not the only one to have gone there with his ironic little commentary on this train, quickly compared to the Orient Express.

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