Saturday, January 22

MICRO-SIDEWALK / CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: “Your plans for Christmas Eve? “- Faxinfo

“It will be with the family on Friday evening at home and at the beach on Christmas Day, it’s a tradition. We are already going to start cooking on Thursday because there are a lot of us and I always want people to enjoy Christmas Eve because the preparations for the end of the year celebrations are always a little stressful I find so I prefer let everyone relax and then we have a good organization, we prepare it in a good mood, with typical Saint-Martin dishes but we also like foie gras! I have a friend who is a local producer and I go get everything I need from him, it’s important to contribute to that too, it’s part of the magic of Christmas. ” Jean

“We decided this year to go to a restaurant on December 24, it’s a great first because we usually do that at home, likeblank many. But with the start of the tourist season, we are working a lot at the moment so we might as well not put unnecessary pressure on ourselves, I want to take full advantage of the evening of Christmas Eve to have a good time with my loved ones. Regarding Christmas Day, we have not yet planned anything specific but there will be an obligatory visit to the boobs, that’s for sure, it’s my Christmas log to me! Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! “ Meli

blank“This is the first time that we are going to celebrate Christmas in Saint Martin and I am very happy about it. We are going to meet with friends on Christmas Eve and we planned to order typical dishes from here, we did not want to cook a Christmas meal as we usually do every year with turkey and everything that goes with it. , we wanted to change a bit and the frame was doing it. I’m salivating just at the idea of ​​Christmas ham to tell the truth. “ Karl


“Beach, beach, beach for the day of the 24th. We will go out then because nobody wants to manage the shopping, a menu, the cuisine, after the year we have spent, we wanted to let go and have fun being together without anyone being stuck in the kitchen all evening. I want to find a place which reproduces the atmosphere of the Christmas spirit but which offers a menu of Saint-Martin dishes. On the 25th, we will all meet for a brunch in Grand Case. “ Rosy


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