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Should you wear a face mask during the gift opening? Here’s Christmas Eve’s latest corona advice

Are you planning a family visit on Christmas Eve? These are the steps that are recommended to make the celebration safe.

Christmas Eve is a time for family, food and gifts. But this year is also a time of danger of infection.

In the last 24 hours alone, 4,312 corona infections have been registered in Norway. That is 208 fewer than the same day last week, reports NTB.

The omikron variant has a greater dispersibility than the delta variant. FHI still considers the situation to be “serious”.

We consider that the omicron variant will give a new wave of the epidemic from January because the variant has a greater dispersal ability, warns FHI.

Thus, it goes towards another Christmas Eve with increasing corona infection, and with it the concern about whether it is safe to celebrate with those closest to you.

But take courage. In his last advice before Christmas Eve, the Norwegian Directorate of Health writes:

– It is important to have social contact and not isolate yourself, especially at Christmas and other holidays.

However, the “ready signal” to gather on Christmas Eve comes with an important caveat:

Elderly and other people in risk groups must have been vaccinated with a refresher dose, and all other visitors must have been fully vaccinated.

– Unvaccinated adults are recommended to reduce social contact and protect themselves and others with several other infection control measures than the general ones, the Norwegian Directorate of Health points out.

Should consider a face mask – or cancellation

The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s general advice to people at increased risk of serious illness, however, is that they should be “particularly careful” now that there is a lot of infection in society.

People in this group should think about their own risk of a serious course of covid-19 disease, and infection pressure in the area, how wide a contact surface the visitors have had in the days before the visit, their vaccination status and whether they have new-onset respiratory symptoms.

– Those who are in one risk group must assess the risk of infection and decide what measures are necessary to be able to visit and contact family and friends, the directorate emphasizes.

If you are celebrating with the elderly or people in the risk zone tonight, the Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends the following risk-reducing measures:

  • Reduce the number of people who come to visit. The number of people should be adjusted to the size of the home. It must be possible to keep a distance of 1 meter. There is less risk of meeting outdoors than indoors.
  • Mouthpiece inside. This can also be considered when visiting private homes. This applies especially to the unvaccinated, the directorate emphasizes. However, the elderly and other people in the risk groups should also consider this, at least if it is not possible to keep at least 1 meter away.
  • Drop the Christmas clip. Elderly and other people in risk groups who have been fully vaccinated and have received a refresher dose can consider whether they want to be close to unvaccinated children without respiratory symptoms, give hugs, or have them on their lap.
In many places it has been sold out for quick tests. One should test oneself as close to the company as possible, is the advice from FHI.

Quick test right before the company

If you have been given a booster dose and need to be double-vaccinated, you can follow the general infection control advice, according to the directorate.

The government has generally recommended that no one be visited by more than ten guests at a time during Christmas.

It is still possible to have up to 20 guests one day during Christmas, provided that it is possible to keep a distance of one meter.

Many people use quick tests before the company to be “on the safe side”, but how safe is it really?

NIPH director Camilla Stoltenberg warns that the rapid tests against corona can provide a false sense of security.

– Remember that a negative answer is not a guarantee that you are infection-free, Stoltenberg says VG, who has also spoken with health director Bjørn Guldvog:

– It turns out that the quick tests can be changed in a fairly short time, so the closer to the company you take it, the better. Right before, if you can, that’s the best thing, Guldvog tells the newspaper.

Stoltenberg reminds that everyone who does not live together should keep at least one meter away.

According to Stoltenberg, you do not need to drop the Christmas songs tonight, but Guldvog moderates this:

– If there are very vulnerable people present, one can be careful with potential droplet or airborne infection, says Guldvog.

Stay home if you are sick

For the general population, they still are general infection control councils applicable.

– When the elderly and other people in risk groups have been vaccinated as recommended and have received a refresher dose, and the visitors are fully vaccinated, it is usually sufficient to follow the same infection control advice as others, the directorate writes.

In the latest press release on the corona before Christmas Eve, writes the Government that this advice is the most important thing they have:

«Say yes to vaccine. Stay home and test yourself when you are sick ».

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