Friday, January 21

Amedia: Hope that all newspapers can be published on Friday

Amedia hopes that the emergency solution after the computer attack on Tuesday will allow all newspapers to be published on Friday, but does not think everything is in place as normal until next week.

Pål Nedregotten, Executive Vice President, Data and Technology at Amedia, has a hope that everything will be back to normal in the media house this week. The computer attack on Tuesday night ensured that no newspapers were published on Wednesday, and only 13 on Thursday. On Friday, most of the paper newspapers in Amedia, between 65 and 70 newspapers, will be published. Photo: Ihne Pedersen / Amedia / NTB

– If we talk about getting completely back to where we were before the attack, it will take time. We take up the systems continuously, said Executive Vice President for Data and Technology, Pål Nedregotten, at a digital press conference on Thursday afternoon.

– Parts of those systems are up again. We prioritize our business-critical systems, which is time-consuming work. We must be absolutely sure that the systems we take back into production are free of malware. After all the sun brands, we now have a solution in place that will handle our paper newspapers in the future. From next week, we have good hope that production will go as normal, Nedregotten believes.

Hoping for print for all newspapers on Friday

The primary goal for Amedia after the computer attack has been to establish a full-fledged print production for the paper newspapers.

– We received 13 newspapers yesterday, printed and delivered on the doormats – in the mailboxes of our subscribers. As it looks now, we have high hopes that all newspapers will be on the streets tomorrow, says Nedregotten.

John Kvadsheim, Executive Vice President with responsibility for printing and distribution, states that newspapers that do not normally come out on Fridays, but which have not been published in recent days, will also be printed. There are between 65 and 70 newspapers in total.

Uncertainty about personal data

It is still uncertain whether the data attack has led to personal data going astray.

– We do not yet have a situation where we can confirm or deny that data is going astray. We have no evidence that data has left us, but operate as if it has done so, says Nedregotten.

– Information about the employees is related to the employee relationship and is about things like salary data and so on. This is information we have shared with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and have a dialogue with them about and provide information to our employees about, says Nedregotten when asked by NTB.

– Serious social problem

The data attack was reported to the police to the Oslo police district on Tuesday.

– Being exposed to computer crime of this magnitude is a severe ordeal for all employees. Such crime is a serious societal problem, Nedregotten emphasizes.

He states that they now know how the hackers got into the systems, but that this is information they take with the police.

– We have a dialogue with Kripos and the National Security Authority. The dialogue with them is good, says Nedregotten.

Does not pay ransom

Amedia was hit by the extensive data attack on Tuesday night. It paralyzed the media group’s systems, and on Wednesday no newspapers came out. On Thursday, Amedia managed to get 13 newspapers out with the help of a technical emergency solution.

The hackers who attacked Amedia have left a demand for ransom. The company has decided that they will not pay.

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