Wednesday, January 26

Amedia: Hope that all newspapers can be published on Friday

Amedia has a hope that the emergency solution will allow all newspapers to be published on Friday.

– Since yesterday, our primary goal has been to establish a full-fledged print production for our paper newspapers. We got out 13 newspapers yesterday, printed and delivered on the doormats – in the mailboxes of our subscribers. As it looks now, we have high hopes that all newspapers will hit the streets tomorrow, said Executive Vice President for Data and Technology, Pål Nedregotten, at a digital press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Amedia states that between 65 and 70 newspapers are published.

He says they have worked to get an overview of the situation with whether data has gone astray.

– The situation as it is now, then we can neither confirm nor deny that data is going astray, we make continuous analyzes, says Nedregotten.

Amedia was hit by an extensive computer attack on Tuesday night. It has paralyzed the media group’s systems, and no newspapers were published on Wednesday. On Thursday, Amedia managed to get 13 newspapers out.

The hackers who attacked Amedia have left a demand for ransom. The company has decided that they will not pay.

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