Tuesday, January 18

Automobile: control, radars … Here is everything that changes on January 1

From January 1, 2022, several changes are expected for motorcyclists and motorists. Here’s what to remember.

New radars

From 2022, 4,700 anti-noise radars will be operational. Fixed on a mast, equipped with a camera and 5 microphones, these devices make it possible to identify the noisiest vehicles, in particular two-wheelers.

During the first months, they will mainly raise awareness among motorists before sending fines. Moreover, the amount of the fines has not been fixed.

From change for the conversion bonus

As announced by the government, the reduction in the ecological bonus scheduled for January 1 has been postponed for six months. On that date, aid for new buildings will drop by 1,000 euros. This will offer a maximum bonus of 5,000 euros and thus put an end to the bonus on plug-in hybrids.

The weight penalty

From January 1, the weight penalty will be added to the CO2 penalty. All new private vehicles weighing more than 1,800 kilograms will have to pay a tax “the amount of which is equal to the product between a unit price set at ten euros per kilogram and the fraction of mass exceeding a threshold of 1,800 additional kg ”.

Technical control

The radars will soon be able to check if the technical control of a car is up to date. A novelty which is modeled on that of insurance.

In fact, since 2019, the police have been able to check whether the person arrested is in possession of car insurance.

More expensive tolls

The price of motorway tolls should increase in 2022. In fact, motorists should see prices rise by 2% on average across the national paying network according to the Ministry of Transport.


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