Friday, January 28

Besançon: a dead woman slaughtered by her companion

A 61-year-old man is suspected of having killed his companion with a knife on Wednesday, December 29 by cutting her throat, at the couple’s home in Besançon (Doubs).

It was a neighbor, worried by the sounds of an altercation, who notified the emergency services. On their arrival, the police saw a seriously injured woman on a balcony, calling for help.

The 56-year-old victim died quickly after the police arrived in the apartment. She presented nine stab wounds, including one “very deep in the throat,” said the deputy prosecutor of the Besançon judicial court who went there in the evening.

Entrenched in the apartment, the companion of the victim turned the weapon against him, inflicting a “deep wound in the throat and lesions in the thorax”, according to the magistrate.

He was transported to the CHRU Besançon, his vital prognosis being engaged. The investigation of flagrance continues in parallel.

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