Wednesday, January 19

Coronavirus – Russia: new monthly record of covid deaths in November

(Belga) More than 87,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus were recorded in Russia in November, which constitutes a new monthly record according to the country’s public statistical agency on Thursday.

In most cases, Covid-19 is considered the leading cause of death. According to the national news agency Tass, the government figures for the previous month are much lower, at 37,000 deaths. This difference is explained by the fact that only the cases in which the coronavirus was the main cause and for which the confirmation of the infection was quickly available were recorded, specifies the report. Government statistics recently showed more than 1,000 new deaths from the coronavirus every day for weeks. However, that number was already based on the assumption that many cases went unreported at the time. No major restrictions are planned in Russia for New Years Eve, although health officials have called on the population to refrain from travel if possible. Random checks on ticketing portals, however, reveal a high number of train reservations. (Belga)

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