Monday, January 17

Dry January: 5 tips for a successful alcohol-free month

January is the month of resolutions. For many French people, the challenge at the start of the year will be not to drink a drop of alcohol. This is the Dry January, imported from Great Britain a few years ago, and which is gaining more and more followers.

This challenge is an opportunity to take stock of your alcohol consumption. Here are 5 tips for success.

Getting rid of alcohol at home

In order not to be tempted during the month of January, it is better to avoid running into cans of beer in the refrigerator or bottles of wine in your kitchen. Without going so far as to throw everything in the trash (because the Dry January does not aim at a definitive stop of alcohol consumption but a one month break), we can take all our stock to the cellar, this should avoid temptations in case of weakness.

Finding replacement drinks

There is a plethora of alcohol-free spirits on the market today. Associated with a tonic, they are real evening drinks that avoid ending up with apricot juice in front of friends. These brands compete for ideas to design delicious non-alcoholic cocktails also called mocktails.

Start with several

Support is essential in this kind of challenge which calls for endurance. Indeed, in case of weakness it is better to be supported so as not to falter. Family or friends may be tempted to join in this process. And if not, the organizers of the Dry January have launched several accounts on social networks, so many opportunities to communicate, discuss and find support.

Play sports

From the first week without alcohol, the benefits are felt. The sleep is of better quality and the energy is there. To stay in this dynamic, nothing like going out and exerting yourself by doing a physical activity: running, team sport, cycling… There is no shortage of solutions.

Download the app

An application has been specially designed to help participants. Try dry: the dry January provides a lot of advice and allows you to see the progress made. It is available in French and can be of great help during this Dry January.

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