Tuesday, January 18

“Emergency patient package”: here is what you will have to pay at the hospital from January 1st

From January 1, each patient going to the emergency room who will not be hospitalized will have to pay the sum of 19.61 euros on site.

A real change in the way payment works. In fact, until now, you had to wait several weeks to receive an invoice at your home.

This new device, known as the “emergency patient package” thus establishes a single, capped rate for each visit to the emergency room that does not result from hospitalization.

This price will be reduced to 8.51 euros for certain people such as pregnant women over five months or patients with a long-term illness (disabling stroke or HIV infection).

“Do something other than invoicing”

This measure should also allow hospitals to fill their coffers, while today “30% of the remainder to be borne by emergency passages go to hospital coffers, so billing is difficult to do”, regretted deputy Thomas Mesnier with our colleagues from HuffPost.

After the adoption of this package, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran had declared that the interest of this measure was to “mobilize staff at the hospital to do something other than billing”.

This package will also be covered by mutuals, from the responsible contract, as well as by complementary solidarity health and even State medical aid (AME) for undocumented migrants.


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