Monday, January 24

Emily in Paris: Has Lilly Collins unveiled a season 3 in Berlin?

The call of the foot is insistent. While season 2 of the series Emily in Paris has been available for a few days, its main actress, Lilly Collins, posted on Instagram a fairly explicit message, in which she evokes a sequel to the glamorous program located in the capital.

So in full promotion for the magazine Vogue Hong Kong, the 32-year-old actress responded to a fan’s post, reacting to the photos and noting that the look was more “Emily in Berlin”.

What the one who embodies the rising star of the Savoir agency on the screen replied “Pivot of season 3?” ?? Who is with me ?”.

While the wink undoubtedly referred to her avant-garde style, the question from aka Emily Cooper quickly found a positive echo among the other members of the cast of the series, suggesting something other than a simple question in the air.

Samuel Arnold, who plays the role of Julian, was quick to answer him: “Me always”, while Ashley Park, who plays his confidante Mindy Chen in the series, also answered the call of the foot: “I’m quite ready to cross Berlin off my to-do list, please.”

The sudden excitement of the fans on the social network could have stopped there, but the official Instagram site of the series then added a “Girl, I will go wherever you are” which augurs a sequel, without us. know exactly where it could be.

Indeed (SPOILER ATTENTION), at the end of this new season 2, produced by Lilly Collins, the alternative which presents itself to Emily Cooper does not seem to send her to the German capital, on the contrary.

emily in paris

The marketing star seems to hesitate between a possible dream promotion in the offices of Savoir in Chicago, or a place in the brand new agency of Sylvie, his boss played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu in Paris.

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