Saturday, January 22

Fancy the last ski trip of the year? Here are 11 places you can go from in the Oslo area now.

Do you fancy the last ski trip of the year? You do not have to go to the mountains to make it happen.

Tram rails and dream conditions in Bærumsmarka yesterday, 29 December. The ski association is now fully preparing the slopes throughout Oslomarka.

The snow in recent days has given the skiing conditions in Marka a solid boost. There is 20-40 cm snow depth in most places and several good opportunities for those who want to test the shape of the ski.

– People really have to take the chance and get out on a trip now on nice Christmas days, says information manager in the Ski Association Trine Rom Giving.

She says that it is possible to ski also in the far south of Marka, as at Krokhol in Østmarka and By in Lommedalen.

– It is quite unusual and very gratifying with such good conditions so early in the season, she says.

At the same time, Rom Giving emphasizes that it is still relatively thin with snow. More and more trails in the terrain are packed with scooters, in some places there is enough to track.

– On forest roads, there are ironed conditions in many places, but some roads still have some impact on gravel. Check our advance notice for details, she urges

Also from Sognsvann

It snows lightly on Thursday morning, and in several places the preparation of trails will not start until the snow has subsided.

Few exit points in Norway are more used than Sognsvann. And, for those who are wondering, it is possible to ski from there today. Well noticed on the roads.

It is possible to ski almost everywhere, according to the Ski Association. But these starting points are extra good:

  • Side
  • Svartbekken
  • Sørkedalen
  • brought
  • Solemskogen
  • Shooter
  • Frognerseteren
  • Sognsvann
  • Movatn
  • Krokhol
  • City in Lommedalen

Bring a face mask

Most country living rooms are open, so it is possible to maximize the Christmas atmosphere with a visit there.

But – as we begin to get used to – remember to wear a face mask and keep your distance.

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