Wednesday, January 19

Feminicide. Besançon: he kills a woman before cutting her throat

A drama took place on Wednesday evening, around 10:30 p.m., in Besançon (Doubs), reports Eastern Republican. Police intervened after a femicide that took place in an apartment on the outskirts of the city: a woman was killed, and her attacker appears to be her husband. When the police arrived, he slit his throat.

The investigation is ongoing

It all seemed to start with a phone call to 17 in the evening. At the end of the line, a local resident, alarmed, reports that a violent brawl has just broken out among her neighbors. On their arrival, the police saw a bloody woman on her balcony. The 50-year-old did not survive her injuries.

At the sight of the police, the man present at his side took refuge in the apartment. The police eventually broke into the home. Everything happened really fast. Cornered, the suspect would then inflicted himself a violent stab at the level of his neck. He was hospitalized with an absolute life-threatening emergency.

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A homicide investigation is opened. If the identity of the victim, aged about fifty, was not in doubt, it was still necessary to confirm the identity of the suspect, possibly her husband Madame, who is aged about sixty.

The couple was however described as “without history” by their neighborhood.

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