Wednesday, January 26

For decades, Norwegians settled in China: “We spit where we want”

Shanghai. China’s largest city.

Today, 25 million people live here.

Once upon a time there was also a small colony of Norwegians in this city.

The foreigners lived in luxury, while ordinary Chinese had to do all the hard work.

AFTENPOSTEN HISTORY: In China, it is often referred to as “100 years of humiliation”.

The European powers never succeeded in conquering the Middle Kingdom. But the country was still exposed to Western imperialism.

The Chinese had to come to terms with the fact that Great Britain, France and the United States – as well as little Norway and a number of other countries – were allowed to settle down as much as they wanted.

Norwegians wanted to make a fortune

“In short, to use a vulgar expression: we spit where we want. And last but not least, we do not pay taxes.

The Norwegian Peder Carl Hansson wrote this in the memoir «25 years in the Middle Kingdom».

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