Monday, January 17

Guide: These are the galleries that put Oslo on the map as an art city

Large parts of cultural life have struggled through the pandemic, but sales of visual art are increasing. We asked a number of experts which galleries are worth a visit now.

Esperanza Rosales in gallery VI, VII in Bjørvika has several international talents in the stable. She is currently showing pictures made by the German art duo Jochen Schmith. The thin blankets of paper are made of cut euro banknotes.

Among the galleries mentioned among the hottest now, are VI, VII (pronounced sixes and sevens) in Bjørvika. Esperanza Rosales moved here from New York 12 years ago to start a gallery. She says Oslo’s art scene is experiencing intense growth.

– Oslo has really been put on the map as an art city in recent years. 10-15 years ago, many of the talented Norwegian artists lived abroad. In recent years, they have moved back, says Rosales, who runs VI, VII.

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