Friday, January 21

Henrik J. Henriksen followed a satin-clad Georgian in Amsterdam and had a heavenly oyster meal.

Many roads lead to heaven. One went via a Georgian in Amsterdam.

It’s been a long time since I recognized that the big food moments occur where you least expect it. The oysters I am going to talk about here are no exception. They are among the very best I have eaten. It all started outside a cinema in Amsterdam during a long coffee break between two narrow short films. I talked about food movies with a Georgian film director, dressed in a satin trench coat. Judging by his waist, he knew a little bit about everything about food. The conversation revealed that he was also well oriented in the world of film. He told of a Dutch feature film from the beginning of the millennium: “Oysters on Nam Kee.” The chamber music was mediocre, but the oysters were divine. Both Nam Kee and the oysters were in reality and not too far from where we were. The long conversation about food on film had led to rumbling stomachs, and thus I walked after the satin coat through the eternal, Amsterdam drizzle. In the direction of Chinatown.

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