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Here are the 8 foods you shouldn’t put in the microwave

Very practical for heating up a dish at the very last minute, the microwave must be used with care. Some foods do not tolerate this type of cooking well. Others can even be dangerous after cooking this way.

The mushrooms

Cooking mushrooms in the microwave is safe. This cooking method would even keep their antioxidant content. On the other hand, reheating them once cooked is a bad idea. They may swell in the stomach and cause bloating.


The chicken

Rich in proteins, poultry do not tolerate microwaves well. The heat will release bacteria that are bad for the body. We prefer to taste leftover cold chicken with a salad for example.


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From a general point of view, it is better to eat your rice right after cooking. If left at room temperature, it risks developing the bacterium Bacillus Cereus, which is potentially toxic to humans. For this reason, avoid keeping it aside for too long in order to reheat it in the microwave.


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The potato contains molecules called glycoalkaloids. Once in the microwave, they will release toxic substances that promote the development of bacteria and can cause digestive problems. To avoid. A potato salad with parsley, shallot and vinaigrette will be perfect for recycling leftovers.


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Spinach leaves

Like celery, spinach is a vegetable that should be eaten when cooked. Above all, they should not be reheated in the microwave: they contain nitrate molecules which become carcinogenic under ultraviolet rays.


This is mainly for a practical matter. Once heated, the egg white will swell to the point of shattering the shell. It’s a lost egg and a microwave to clean.




Avoid heating a pepper in the microwave. The latter contains capsaicin, an active compound responsible for the burning sensation. Once heated, the pepper releases it: it could then burn the eyes or the skin when opening the microwave.



Tomato sauce

Take care to cover your pasta with a lid if it is immersed in the sauce. With the effect of heat, the tomato sauce will evaporate and be projected on the walls of the microwave.



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