Sunday, January 16

Infection in the Lightning World Cup: Carlsen opponent tested positive

Chess player Hikaru Nakamura has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease. He met Magnus Carlsen in the last round of the World Speed ​​Chess Championships on Tuesday.

Hikaru Nakamura has tested positive for corona.

It is uncertain whether the positive test will have consequences for other players, according to NRK. So far, Thursday’s first games have been postponed by half an hour.

World Championships in fast and lightning chess are arranged at the same time. Nakamura finished seventh in the fast track earlier this week. The positive test does not make him complete the Lightning Chess World Cup. The championship ends on Thursday.

Nakamura writes on Twitter that he did not feel well before the tournament started on Wednesday, but a negative test meant that he still played. He tested himself again on Thursday to be able to fly the next day, and that test was positive.

– I can not finish the tournament, and now I am worried about all my opponents, he writes.

Like Carlsen, Nakamura stood with 8.5 points after the first day. Levon Aronian leads with ten points out of twelve possible before the last nine games are played on Thursday.


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