Friday, January 21

Iranian nuclear – Washington “concerned” over Iranian rocket launch

(Belga) The United States said Thursday it was “concerned” by Iran’s launch of a rocket, an advance which they believe could benefit Tehran’s ballistics program, but stressed its attachment to negotiations aimed at saving the Iran nuclear deal.

“The United States remains concerned about the Iranian development of space launchers, which poses a risk of proliferation,” said a spokeswoman for the State Department, who however reiterated that Washington “wishes a mutual return to full respect for the 2015 agreement “aimed at preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” In the midst of talks in Vienna on its nuclear program, Iran announced Thursday that it had launched a rocket carrying three space research devices into space. The spacecraft “includes technologies that are almost identical and interchangeable with those used in ballistic missiles, especially those of long range,” noted the US spokesperson. She added that the launch represented a violation of UN Security Council resolution 2231 which endorses the 2015 Iran nuclear program agreement (which stands for JCPOA) and urges Tehran “not to lead no activity related to ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear charges “. In Vienna, the stake aims to bring back into the pact Washington, which left it in 2018, and to bring Tehran back to the respect of its commitments, broken in reaction to the reinstatement of American sanctions. The United States is participating indirectly in the negotiations. “Iran’s nuclear program was effectively limited by the JCPOA,” said the spokeswoman for US diplomacy. “The previous administration freed them from these constraints, which made Iran’s other projects even more dangerous, including their” provocative “ballistic missile program, she added. “This is why we are trying to achieve a mutual return to respect for the agreement,” she concluded. Westerners suspect Iran of seeking to develop, using the technology of its satellite launchers, long-range ballistic launchers capable of carrying conventional or nuclear charges. (Belga)

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