Tuesday, January 25

Israel receives first shipment of anti-Covid pills from Pfizer

(Belga) A pioneer in Covid vaccination, Israel received its first delivery of anticoronavirus pills from the American laboratory Pfizer on Thursday, which will allow the Jewish state to step up its fight against the spread of the Omicron variant.

The pills “will help us overcome the coming peak of the Omicron wave,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said after the cargo arrived at Tel Aviv airport on an El AL carrier flight from Liege, in Belgium. Contacted by AFP, the Ministry of Health did not wish to immediately indicate the number of pills contained in its delivery. The United States Medicines Agency (FDA) last week authorized Pfizer’s treatment, marketed under the name Paxlovid, which reduced hospital admissions and deaths in people at risk by 88% when taken within the first five days afterwards. the onset of symptoms, according to clinical trials involving more than 2,200 people. “This is a key element, along with the vaccine and the mask, in the strategy to stem the Omicron wave,” epidemiologist Ran Balicer, head of innovation at the fund, told AFP. Israeli health insurance provider Clalit, saying Pfizer’s treatment could save people most at risk of developing severe symptoms related to the virus. “For these people, this drug could dramatically reduce the risks if the infection is detected quickly, which will also reduce the pressure on hospitals,” said this expert. The Israeli authorities identified almost 4,000 new cases of Covid on Wednesday, a record since September which has not yet translated into a marked increase in hospitalizations in this country where scientists have been carrying out clinical trials on the relevance since Monday. a fourth dose of vaccine. The prime minister said last week that all Israelis over 60 and medical staff would be entitled to a fourth dose, but the decision has yet to be approved by the health ministry. “Just as we were pioneers in the world to administer a third and fourth dose of vaccine, we are still leading, giving pills to the citizens of Israel,” he said on Thursday. Some 4.2 of Israel’s 9.3 million people, more than half of adults, have received three doses of the coronavirus vaccine. (Belga)


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