Sunday, January 16

«Land of Happiness 2»: Pia Tjelta excels

Pia Tjelta excels when “Lykkeland” delivers a captivating and dramatic season.

Pia Tjelta excels in season 2 of «Lykkeland». Together with a good plot and strong actors, the oil drama will be captivating, as NRK will be on Sundays.

Blowout on Bravo. Revolution in Iran. Prayer house becomes a bar. Divers push under 300 meters. The price of oil is around $ 30 a barrel. Guys come home from the platform and buy cool stereos. The oil fair is buzzing with language in a Babylonian whirlwind of licenses and contracts.

Had TV 2’s football studio been in place when “Lykkeland” starts its second season, Jon Hartvig Børrestad would have shouted “It koooooker in the oil industry!” after each and every scene.

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