Tuesday, January 18

Live. Presidential 2022: two-thirds of left-wing voters in favor of a primary

10:05 am: The trial of the men accused of faking shootings on Macron, Corbière and Garrido postponed to February

The trial of two supporters of Eric Zemmour, authors of videos in which they train shooting and imagine targeting Emmanuel Macron and elected Insoumis, has been postponed to February 2.

The two men, a 21-year-old army soldier and a 30-year-old interim cook, were to be tried on Wednesday in immediate appearance at the Paris court. But the court agreed to return the case, in particular to allow the viewing of the videos at the hearing, impossible on Wednesday.

9:55 am: Welcome to this live dedicated to political news and the campaign for the 2022 presidential election.


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