Monday, January 24

Lorie reveals why she “had a bad time” with her relationship with Billy Crawford

In the early 2000s, the couple formed by Lorie and Billy Crawford panicked fans in France. But the singer did not keep a good memory of this idyll, according to her confidences at the Pure Charts site.

The interpreter of I will be (your best friend) spent two years in a relationship with the singer and dancer of Filipino origin. A relationship that Lorie, then in her fame, was forced to experience under the watchful eye of the cameras. “It was not easy,” said she remembers, specifying that his first face-to-face with the paparazzi had been a real shock.

“With Billy, we met on sets. The two of us sang and every weekend we got together. Then we ended up falling in love. I had no problem talking about him, and him talking about me. But the first time we came face to face with paparazzi, I lived it so badly. And then I was afraid. I was afraid to come out ”, continues the one who embodies Lucie in Tomorrow belongs to us.

If Lorie had difficulty dealing with this overwhelming notoriety at the start of her career, she nevertheless had a real love affair with Billy Crawford. The proof with its response in 2018 to a question asked in the show I love you, etc on France 2 on what she had done most crazy for love. “Once, I took the plane to join my companion at the time on the other side of the world just for 6 hours to spend together, and I had more hours on the plane than hours. spent with him, ”she confided. So cute.

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