Saturday, January 22

Louane expresses himself again on the criticisms against his physique

Happy mother of a little girl whom she had with the musician Florian Rossi in 2020, Louane confided in the criticisms about her physique, and the way she lives it on a daily basis.

In an interview with the magazine Gala, the new coach of The Voice Kids admitted to being affected by these comments about her weight. “To tell you that it leaves me insensitive would be to lie”, she admits sincerely. However, Louane – who has gone through much more difficult trials in his life, starting with the loss of both his parents at the age of 17 – explains that he can quickly move on to something else. “It only affects me five minutes. No more. I pity the people who have nothing else to do than convey gratuitous nastiness, ”she says.

The 25-year-old woman took the opportunity to confide in the pounds accumulated during her pregnancy, and her relationship to her body since giving birth. And like any other person, Louane admits to alternating between good days and bad days. “You know, I realize I have a dream life. Of course, I am like everyone else: there are times when I feel good in my body and in my head, and other times when I have more doubts, where I find myself less to my advantage ”, emphasizes- she does.

The singer knows that she is evolving in a privileged position, and recognizes being totally fulfilled in her family life alongside her daughter and her companion. “Florian takes almost more care of our daughter than I do. At home, we never ask ourselves this kind of question. Who does the dishes ? Who does the cleaning ? We are in an egalitarian relationship. It is quite natural. Once again, I know how lucky I am! I live in a real cocoon, ”she says.

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