Tuesday, January 18

Malcolm: Frankie Muniz reveals Bryan Cranston has been calling him every two weeks … for 15 years

A nice gesture. Guest of a podcast in the United States on December 2, Frankie Muniz revealed that Bryan Cranston, who played his father in the series “Malcolm”, phones him every two weeks.

A habit that has lasted for 15 years now, since Malcolm was arrested by the American channel Fox. “Bryan checks in on me every two weeks, and he’s been doing it for 15 years. He literally checks in on me, ‘I’m calling to find out how you’re doing, hope you’re ok, what are you doing right now?’ He’s a god in Hollywood and he calls me. It’s the best”, entrusts the 36-year-old actor who, it will be understood, remained very close to the one who played his father on the screen for 7 years in Malcolm.

And the praise doesn’t end there. “No lie, Bryan is the best human being alive, as an actor, as a person. (…) In my head, he’s like my idol. He’s an incredible actor, he’s done so many different things, ”continues the one who is now married to Paige Price. With which he has just had a little boy named Mauz, 9 months old.


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