Friday, January 21

Marvel: Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) to play Ghost Rider in the MCU?

Fans are clamoring for him, and no one else. Known for his role in the series “The Walking Dead”, Norman Reedus could soon make his entry into the Marvel MCU as “Ghost Rider”.

The interpreter of the character of Daryl Dixon in the zombie series – in which he rides motorcycles like no one else in his “bad boy” air – is himself taking part in the fan campaign expressing their wish to see him play the character in future Marvel movies by “liking” their tweets on the subject, via his official account. A few hours ago, Norman Reedus took it a step further by redirecting to a link announcing that he had officially secured the role of Ghost Rider.

Contacted by the American site, a representative of the actor specifies that “none of this is true for the moment”, about obtaining the role. Disney has yet to react to the news.

Norman Reedus’ desire to join Marvel as the famous biker from Hell has not been a secret for a long time. This summer, the actor openly volunteered for the role. “I want to be Ghost Rider. This conversation about the role has been going on for years, and yeah, tell them to put me in, ”he blurted out at the American site.

The character of Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider, was played in the cinema by Nicolas Cage in the 2007 film, and in the sequel in 2012. It was actor Gabriel Luna who then played the role of Robbie Reyes – in another version of the Ghost Rider, this time behind the wheel of a car – in the Agents of SHIELD series A character-centric series was even considered in 2019 by the Hulu platform (owned by Disney), but it didn’t finally never saw the light of day.

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