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New electric car record: Over 110,000 cars sold in 2021

As many as 8 out of 10 Norwegians who bought a new car in 2021 went for the purchase of an electric car. Chip and charging shortages could be a challenge next year, according to the Norwegian Electric Car Association.

ELECTRIC CAR ENTHUSIAST: Morten-Christian Bernson is very happy with his Tesla X and sits on the board of Tesla Owners Club Norway. He met E24 in previous years on Askøy, which is a world leader in the share of electric cars.

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The electric car share in new car sales jumped from 54 percent in 2020 to 65 percent in 2021.

It shows figures from the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV). According to statistics, 8 out of 10 private individuals now choose an electric car when buying a new vehicle.

– It shows how close we are to the goal of 100 percent electric cars in new sales in 2025, says Christina Bu, Secretary General of the Norwegian Electric Car Association.

The figures for 2021 are in line with the Norwegian Electric Car Association’s previous forecasts. They predicted an increase in electric cars in new car sales of 11 percentage points from 2020.

– It went slowly from the new year, but picked up from the summer. In the last six months, we have seen two monthly records, and it is impressive that over 80 percent of private customers choose electricity.

Forecasts 80 percent in 2022

171,663 new passenger cars have been registered so far this year. 111,771 of them are electric.

Never have more than 100,000 electric cars been sold in Norway in the course of a year.

Electric car sales in the north differ in particular. Nordland doubled electric car sales together with Troms and Finnmark.

Hordaland still has the country’s highest share of electric cars in new car sales with 77 percent, while Oslo is at 72 percent.

The Norwegian Electric Car Association believes in a new record in 2022. The forecast for the new year is that electric car sales will exceed 80 percent, ie 15 percentage points up from today’s figures.

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Christina Bu, general secretary of the Norwegian Electric Car Association, believes that chip shortages and charging shortages may present challenges for 2022, but still believes in stronger growth.

The best-selling car models 2021

The electric car models and especially Tesla dominate the list of the best-selling cars.

  1. Tesla Model 3: 11,195 cars sold
  2. Toyota RAV4: 8,506 cars sold
  3. Tesla Model Y: 7,889 cars sold
  4. Volkswagen ID. 4: 6,511 cars sold
  5. Volvo XC40: 6,317 cars sold
  6. Ford Mustang Mach-E: 5,969 cars sold
  7. Skoda Enyaq: 5,543 cars sold
  8. Audi e-tron: 5,431 cars sold
  9. Nissan Leaf: 5,037 cars sold
  10. Polestar Polestar 2: 4,032 cars sold

Sources: Based on figures from the Road Traffic Information Council 1 Jan. to December 19th.

– Good selection of electric cars

Electric car enthusiast Morten-Christian Bernson, who sits on the board of Tesla Owners Club Norway, believes Tesla has all the way been eager to make a transition to electric cars, without it necessarily having to be a Tesla most people get.

– I would say they have managed to achieve that, because now there is a very good selection of electric cars from most brands, says Bernson.

He still believes that Tesla is several years ahead of car competitors. This is due to a lack of electric car investments.

– It will be exciting to see next year when Tesla speeds up the factory in Germany, where they will produce Model Y which I think will be very popular in Norway, says Berson.

The best-selling electric car in 2021 is the Tesla Model 3.

Fewer electric commercial vehicles

While private individuals prefer to choose an electric car when they buy a new one, the figures for business players show the opposite.

The electric car share in new car sales for 2021 is for businesses at 43 percent.

Something that can change this is the government’s requirement for zero emissions in public procurement. From 2022, this applies to requirements for passenger cars to be emission-free, light vans from 2023 and electric city buses from 2025.

The transport sector accounts for about a third of Norway’s greenhouse gas emissions, and about 60 per cent of the emissions that are not subject to quotas.

With the government’s new requirements for zero emissions in public procurement of cars, this may correspond to an emission cut of around half a million tonnes of CO₂ equivalents in the period 2022–2030, according to NAF.

Chip and charging shortage

At the same time as the Norwegian Electric Car Association expects new records in 2022, Bu points to two challenges that can put sticks in the wheels: chip shortages and subsequent delivery delays, and lack of charging on Norwegian roads.

NAF has previously estimated that there is a shortage of around 500 fast chargers in Norway. This is especially true along the E18 and E6, which run between the largest cities in Norway.

In 2022, around 150,000 new electric cars are expected on Norwegian roads.

The government has stated in its program that it will prepare a national charging strategy as one of the electric car measures.

NAF estimates that stations with 20 to 30 fast chargers must be part of the new plan.

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