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Offensive Iversen has turned: – Very little is needed

OBERSTDORF (VG) A chat with the coach changed the plans of Emil Iversen (30). Now the Trøndelag man still believes that he can get the chance to go more races in the Olympics.

OTHER TONE: Emil Iversen was not

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Trønderen was three minutes behind wins Iivo Niskanen on Wednesday’s 15 kilometer classic in Lenzerheide.

– I had no attachment, the rod broke and the body did not work. Mom could keep up, says Iversen to VG and several media in Oberstdorf.

The day before, he smoked out of the prologue, nor were the World Cup races before Christmas impressive. Therefore, Iversen had the most want to go home from the tour, but on Thursday he had a completely different attitude.

– I talked to the coach (Eirik Mynr Nossum) and found out that there is no reason not to go here. It is a completely different ski run and in the lowlands. It is a good opportunity to have a good experience, says Iversen.

He joked about Petter Northug on Wednesday:

New Year’s Eve awaits 15 kilometers of joint start in skating, before the classic sprint on New Year’s Day.

Iversen is one of six who have so far been taken to the Olympics and now he needs positive results to actually get to race in Beijing.

– It’s too early to give up. I’m in the Olympic squad. It is deserved, and at my best I can fight for medals. I have a month on me, says Iversen.

– In Ski Tour 2020, it turned overnight. It will do so now as well. The question is only when, says Iversen and continues:

– It takes very little for it to suddenly loosen. And turning it around, it can turn violent.

– Which races do you think you have the greatest opportunities to go to Beijing now?

– “Classic” (15 km), we’ll have to look for tomorrow. Then we will finally skate a bit, and that is the closest we will get to duathlon this year. We know what I can do in a joint start, says Iversen.

The reigning champion at five miles, from Oberstdorf, said on Wednesday that he does not want to go to Beijing without good form. The next day he was more offensive on his own behalf.

– It takes a lot for me not to go, and then it takes a lot for me not to go to an exercise. But I must know that the body is good, says Iversen.

He believes that the teammates’ results so far, especially in the 15-kilometer classic, are not too much to fear.

– There are not many others who have slammed doors either. We only have one podium place in that exercise so far (Pål Golberg in Lenzerheide), says Iversen.

He and Klæbo went several rounds together at the ski stadium in the mild weather in Oberstdorf. Then it was impossible not to record what happened the last time they were on the race here.

DRAMA: Klæbo was discarded from the gold at five miles after he ended up in contact with Aleksandr Bolshunov, and Iversen ended up with the gold.

– I have tried to displace it, says Klæbo.

He was asked if he has been a hobby psychologist for Iversen the last 24 hours.

– Hehe. I have not been a psychologist. We just walked around talking “shit.” That may be the best thing you can do. It’s good to see he’s here.

This is what Iversen ate before he won World Cup gold in the five-mile race:

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