Tuesday, January 18

Pyrénées-Orientales: a strange cloud appeared above the Canigou

A strange cloudy phenomenon took place above the Canigou mountain range, Wednesday, December 29, in the Pyrenees.

The inhabitants of Catlar (66) and its surroundings were able to observe clouds forming interlocking circles between them, visible in the sky.

“We have never witnessed such a phenomenon,” said Daniel Galeyrand, an inhabitant of the village, near Canigou, to the daily newspaper. The Independent.

The show lasted for a quarter of an hour during which the rings of clouds formed over time, all around each other.

A particular meteorological phenomenon

These clouds in the shape of a flying saucer, however, have a scientific explanation. As The Independent points out, they appear at the peaks when the air is humid and there is wind.

According to Météo France, “when crossing a relief, the air moves in undulatory movements: when it rises and cools sufficiently, the water condenses and forms the lenticular cloud. These clouds are therefore mostly found near the relief ”.

The phenomenon left visible traces until the end of the evening. In addition, associated with the colors of the sky during sunset, the spectacle became even more magnificent.


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