Friday, January 28

SAINT-MARTINOISE TAXATION: Right of response from the Collectivity – Faxinfo

The press article entitled “A high property tax in Saint-Martin but which has not changed for more than 10 years”, published in the Soualiga Post, Monday, December 27, 2021, then in the Fax Info, Tuesday, December 28, 2021 , presenting the “rank” of the property tax tax rate on built properties in the community of Saint-Martin, does not take into account the specific context of our territory.

It can therefore give the reader the feeling of a particularly high level of fiscal pressure in the territory. However, it should be remembered that the Collectivité of Saint-Martin is endowed with fiscal autonomy. As such, making a comparison with local authorities not endowed with this autonomy and under a single local tax does not make much sense.

A more global approach would have made it possible first of all to note that the housing tax is not applicable on the territory of the Collectivity, whereas it is in the metropolitan municipalities cited in the comparison for many years, and that its gradual abolition will not reach its full effect for main residences until 2023.

In addition, the taxation of the territory is largely attractive. To take only two examples of this attractiveness, which have concrete effects on the daily life of the inhabitants of the Collectivity, remember that:

* The general turnover tax rate (TGCA) applicable in Saint-Martin is 4%, for a standard VAT rate of 20% in France

* A liter of SP 95 or 98 type fuel is taxed at 12 euro cents locally, and at more than 50% of its price at the pump in France.

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin would like to thank the Soualiga Post and the Fax Info for the publication of this right of reply, which thus allows readers and the general public to benefit from complete information relating to the local context.

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