Friday, January 21

School trips for 12-17 year olds: without a vaccination pass, a negative test may be sufficient

Unless there is a rebound, there will be no need for a vaccination pass for school trips. A simple negative test for Covid-19 will be enough for young people from 12 to 17 years old to participate, according to an amendment voted by the deputies on December 29.

Even if they are not vaccinated, students will therefore be able to accompany their classmates to various places which will soon be subject to the vaccination pass: libraries, museums, theaters, etc.

Isère MP Caroline Abadie (LREM), who was carrying out the amendment, said it was essential to ensure that unvaccinated young people were not “marginalized” and “stigmatized”.

Remember that minors cannot decide for themselves whether or not to be vaccinated: up to the age of 16, the consent of one of their parents is required.

According to Caroline Abadie, 19% of 12-17 year olds have not yet been vaccinated. This represents about 5 students out of a class of 30.

Young people subject to the vaccination pass?

The vaccination pass is expected to replace the health pass from January 15 “for access to leisure activities, restaurants and drinking establishments, fairs, seminars and trade shows or even interregional transport” (especially rail). In other words: to access these places, a negative test for Covid-19 will no longer be sufficient. You will need to present either a complete vaccination schedule or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19.

Examined in committee on December 29, the text will be debated in the National Assembly and the Senate in the new year. But the question of 12-17 year olds divides. Since they are eligible for vaccination, the government wants them to also be subject to the vaccination pass. A choice deemed “coherent” by the Council of State.

Conversely, many deputies criticized this aspect of the project, arguing that young people would be penalized for a decision by their parents. “Anything that can be torn from the kids, it must be torn off,” reacted on December 29, the deputy for Seine-Maritime Sébastien Jumel (PCF).

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