Wednesday, January 19

She lost everything when the house disappeared into the depths. But the 90-year-old managed to alert the neighbors.

Her home was shown again and again on television:

The moment it tilted down the avalanche edge and collapsed in the black clay hole.

Before the house collapsed, 90-year-old Marit Ruud walked from door to door in a thin jacket and alerted the neighbors. They survived. But a few hours later, everything she owned disappeared into the depths.

The search for survivors in Gjerdrum ended on 5 January. Then they were no longer hoping to find more alive.

Again, she is the one who lost everything, the one who saved 13 people by helicopter, those who risked their lives in the search and all those who have no idea about the future.

– It is too scary to move back home, says evacuated Nora Pran.

We have met those who were in the middle of the disaster at Gjerdrum

The blue lights are off. The live broadcasts are over. Now a new battle begins for the landslide victims.

This case was first published in January 2021.

– I’ve lost everything then. It’s gone, all of it.

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