Monday, January 17

Sint Maarten: Dutch police increase road checks – Faxinfo

As part of their law enforcement program, the Sint Maarten police are stepping up roadside checks for this year-end. Many people and 176 vehicles were checked during the various police operations.

The first check took place on Sucker Garden Road, Welfare Road and A. Th. Illidge Road section Belvedere. During this operation, 77 vehicles were stopped and 113 people were checked for unpaid tickets.

The KPSM (Korps Politie Sint Maarten) inflicted 15 VPs on motorists, for various offenses, 13 vehicles with tinted windows were systematically stopped, and two cars were towed for non-payment of road tax.

Another roadside check was carried out on Union Road, during which 53 vehicles and 3 motorcycles were stopped and checked. Police issued 20 tickets to drivers, 15 cars were still checked for tinted windows, and 3 people were taken to the police station for unpaid fines.

Another joint control with the gendarmerie

The third check took place at the Bellevue border, in collaboration with the gendarmerie, and 46 vehicles were stopped and checked. No less than 24 cars were inspected for tinted windows, 16 tickets were taken, and 6 people were detained for unpaid tickets.

These traffic controls will continue until further notice, specifies the police, who encourage all drivers to bring the supporting documents for their vehicle at all times when traveling by car.

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