Tuesday, January 18

Slippery roads and several accidents in several places in southern Norway

A combination of cold, snow and freezing rain creates major problems on a number of road sections in southern Norway on Thursday. In Agder, a bus drove off the road.

RV7 over the Hardangervidda is among the stretches affected by freezing rain.

Motorists traveling in the Inland and north of Viken, reported in the morning hours that it rained and was between -12 and -16 in the air and minus degrees on the ground, Vegtrafikksentralen Øst tweeted Thursday morning. They ask people to drive carefully.

In Agder, a bus has run off the road.

The bus was one of several vehicles that drove off the road and into each other on national road 9 at Storestraumen in Bygland, where according to the Agder police district it is very slippery. Fædrelandsveien reports chaotic conditions in the area.

– 20 passengers are involved, have slipped off the road, no injuries, but some queues on site. Motorists are asked to be patient and stay in line. Bilberger has been ordered to get the bus on the road again, and according to Vegtrafikksentralen, all available crews are out to scatter, the police tweet.

According to the police, it is “very slippery” in the area.

Also earlier Thursday, there were several accidents in the county. In Lillesand, a car spun in a roundabout at Storemyrkrysset.

– It is reported that it is very slippery in the roundabouts and the on / off lanes at the intersection. The road traffic control centers announced this, the police in Agder tweeted at 8.30.

The police and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration also report a large number of other incidents:

  • Traffic accident in Trysil at 9.30 with two cars. No injuries. There is poor visibility and very slippery in the area, the police in the Inland tweet.
  • Four vehicles have been involved in an accident on the E18 at Lier at 08.15. The road is now reopened for normal traffic.
  • At 8.35 a car must have spun in a roundabout at Lillesand.
  • In Sokna, a lorry has run into a middle section, the Southeast police district announced on Twitter just before 07.30. Highway 7 is still closed between Ørgenvika and Sokna. Detour via Noresund.
  • In the morning, the E6 was completely closed for a period after a traffic accident south of Sarpsborg. Three people received health care after the accident. One field is now open again.
  • Earlier this morning, the Ræling tunnel in the direction of Lillestrøm was also closed after a car had run into the wall. At 7.05 the road was open again.
  • Freezing rain means that it is very slippery on the E134 at Seljestad and on RV7 over the Hardangervidda and down through Måbødalen.

– There is a report of a very slippery road. It’s raining, and the rain freezes when it hits the ground. The contractors are out and about, and we ask motorists to slow down and drive according to the conditions, Vegtrafikksentralen vest writes about the situation on E134 and RV7.

Yr has also sent out a danger warning for Trøndelag on Thursday night.

– From late Thursday evening to early Friday afternoon, there is a danger of local ice in Trøndelag due to changes to mild weather and rain that freezes on cold ground, they write in the danger warning.


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