Tuesday, January 25

Tesla is recalling 475,000 cars in the United States

The electric car manufacturer has notified the US authorities of a major recall.

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It comes out in the overview over recalls from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Thursday.

Tesla plans to recall all Model 3 cars produced between 2017-2020. There are 356,309 cars in the United States.

“The reversing camera cable harness can be damaged when opening and closing the luggage compartment, and prevent the reversing camera image from being displayed,” the reason for the recall is stated.

In addition, Tesla announces the recall of 119,009 Model S cars produced in the period 2014 to 2021.

This recall is explained by the fact that the front luggage compartment lock may be incorrectly adjusted, which prevents the other lock from getting caught. Thus, the cars do not meet the requirements of American car standard.

Tesla shares fall around 1.2 percent in pre-trade around three quarters of an hour before Wall Street opens.

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