Friday, January 21

Tours. Murder on Christmas Eve: the young suspect indicted and imprisoned

The 20-year-old suspected of stabbing a 23-year-old man near Tours on Christmas Eve has been indicted and jailed for murder.

The Tours prosecutor Grégoire Dulin detailed the unfolding of the events, on the basis of hearings of “many witnesses”. The victim was in his car with friends in a parking lot in La Riche, near Tours, before being “taken to task” by the suspect who “insulted him and struck him in the face”. The victim tried to retaliate with a golf club placed in the trunk of his car but his attacker dealt him “several blows with a ceramic knife with a blade of 19 centimeters”.

The suspect denies the intention of homicide

The suspect was arrested Tuesday by the judicial police of Tours in an industrial area of ​​La Riche, the town where he is from. During his police custody, he admitted the charges while denying the intention of homicide, specifying that they “had intervened in a context of massive alcoholism”, specifies the magistrate.

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Of French nationality and never convicted before, he was presented to the public prosecutor’s office on Thursday at the end of his police custody before being indicted by an examining magistrate and then placed in pre-trial detention.

The victim was dropped off by car on the evening of December 24 by an acquaintance in the emergency room of the Alliance Saint-Cyr clinic, north of Tours. She died shortly after arriving, between 11:30 p.m. and midnight. The autopsy established “the presence on the body of the deceased of seven wounds on the left flank, including five particularly deep, caused by a sharp object”.

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