Tuesday, January 18

Towards TV production: – Chaos

After a day of “chaotic” interval start TV, TV 2 commentator Marius Skjelbæk has the greatest understanding for viewers who found it tiring.

NOT IMPRESSED: TV 2 commentator Marius Skjelbæk was not happy with the viewing experience that was bestowed from the Swiss TV production.

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– Listening to TV commentators complaining about pictures … that is not exactly what we want to convey. As long as I have lived, it has been a phenomenon in Norway that you are dependent on the pictures you get, and when they are as bad as today, you have to say no at some point, says the TV 2 profile Skjelbæk.

The bad pictures he refers to come from the Tour de Ski races on Wednesday – which Skjelbæk commented on from Norway.

Cross-country skiing with interval start requires that the production makes clear priorities, but women’s winner Kerttu Niskanen was, for example, filmed only in short sections and in time and out of time they switched back to sportingly irrelevant runners at the start.

The result, according to Skjelbæk: Chaos.

– I this is some of the strangest I have seen, that day here. I think it was characterized by being a chaotic scheme all the time, says Skjelbæk.

The TV 2 commentator, who is also the host of the Tour de France broadcasts, says the frustration is primarily due to the poor viewing experience.

– What is most unfortunate about it, is that it becomes very tiring for viewers. Then I understand that people are given up, because there are many who look forward to the Tour de Ski, which is among the highlights of the year.

He admits that interval starters in themselves have many runners, times and passing points, but the production can at least not help to make it more chaotic – they have to make it more worth seeing, he believes.

– International cross-country skiing has a small challenge at times, and interval starts that are chaotically produced – it no longer holds goals. The world has gone from there.

As the races took place in Lenzerheide, Swiss television is producing the competition. VG has sent the criticism to the channel Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen.

– We broadcast a balanced program from an international perspective. We have not received any negative reactions from other teams, or from FIS (the International Ski Federation). Interval starts have their own character, and unfortunately not all stories can be told, they respond in a statement.

Cycling manager Jens Haugland in Uno-X, who is among Johannes Høsflot Klæbo’s sponsors, was not impressed either.

“New ideas are urgently needed,” he writes on Twitter, giving the schedule, production and locations a thumbs down.


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