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Weng strikes back: – Typical media

OBERSTDORF (VG) “Crisis day”, “failure” and “solid downturn” were among the conclusions in the press about the Norwegian ski girls’ efforts in the Tour de Ski. Heidi Weng (30) calls the media “funny”.

WHO HIDE BEHIND THE MASK? Heidi Weng – in place in Oberstdorf for new stages in the Tour de Ski.

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– It is typically media. When you are only Norwegian at the top, it is a problem. While when there are less good days, it is also a problem, Weng says after a training session on soft snow in the mild weather in Oberstdorf.

The day before, Anne Kjersti Kalvå became the best Norwegian in the 10-kilometer in Lenzerheide with a 10th place. Weng himself was number 13.

«Norwegian crisis day» was the title in VG, “Norwegian failure” it sounded on TV 2, while NRK called it «Solid downturn».

VG confronts Weng with the criticism.

– Media is a bit funny in its own way, and likes to make headlines and control. You will probably never be satisfied, says Weng.

Helene Marie Fossesholm was number 59 in the 10-kilometer and agrees that it was a failure for her own part. But will still nuance the verdict on the teammates.

– I think there are a bunch of foreigners out there who do exactly the same hard work as us to achieve their goals. That they beat us is really just a good sign that we have good breadth with different nations in sports. It is not very fun for those at home to see if there are only Norwegians in the top 5-10, says Fossesholm.

– You should be allowed to think exactly what you want, but we do our best and we can not do more unfortunately. Then you have to accept what you are served, Fossesholm continues.

She was almost in tears on Wednesday:

Ola Vigen Hattestad, national team coach together with Ole Morten Iversen, believes Norway has been well used to Therese Johaug, Marit Bjørgen, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, Maiken Caspersen Falla and Heidi Weng in recent years.

– I think there is enough negativity in the media. But we from Norway are spoiled by the fact that those names have delivered fantastic results for a long time, Hattestad answers questions about whether the expectations of the ski girls are too high.

Bjørgen now runs long distances, while the other four are between 30 and 33 years old. Hattestad is not worried about Norway’s future on the women’s side after the above.

– It is clear that that generation is absolutely enormous. It is not certain we will experience that for a while, but I am sure that we will fight for victories in the future, says Hattestad.

Fossesholm and Johaug can do more than go skiing:

After two of six stages, Kerttu Niskanen is the leader of the Tour de Ski. Tiril Udnes Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå are Norway’s best in 7th and 8th place, just over a minute behind.

– Two years ago I worked in Slovenia. the is it crisis. There is no crisis in Norway. There are many juniors coming, and the girls we have on the team are developing now. I’m not worried, says Hattestad.

Therese Johaug stands over the Tour de Ski to be best prepared in the hunt for her first individual Olympic gold. The Beijing Olympics start on February 4.

Maiken Caspersen Falla has had trouble the last few seasons and stood over the Tour de Ski at the last minute. Østberg loses both the tour and the Olympics due to lack of health certificate.


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