Monday, January 17

Covid-19. France on the eve of a return to school disrupted by Omicron

A masked re-entry, teleworked but not (re) confined.

January 2022 opens again under the sign of the Covid. Omicron casts many uncertainties on the social, educational, cultural and professional life of the French. Appearing at the end of November in southern Africa, the new strain has become dominant in France in record time. And exploded contaminations, which reached unprecedented levels, with some 230,000 cases daily.


The first question – still unresolved – remains the hospital’s resistance to the new wave of infections. The good news comes from the gap between a tsunami of contamination and hospital admissions which are increasing, but in smaller proportions. The Omicron variant is less virulent than its predecessors. It causes less severe forms, requiring shorter hospital stays. France’s very high vaccination coverage is also cushioning the tide of severe cases.

The start of the school year remains …

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