Tuesday, January 18

Covid-19: what health protocol in schools for this start of the school year?

While France is undergoing the fifth wave of Covid-19, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer unveiled the health protocol that will apply to school from the start of the school year, scheduled for Monday, January 3.

This re-entry will be closely watched. Indeed 12.5 million students will return to school benches after the Christmas holidays.

A multiplication of tests

In an interview with Parisian, Jean-Michel Blanquer assured that he wanted to strengthen “contact-tracing”. As a result, as soon as a positive case appears in a class, “all the pupils will have to do an antigen test or PCR, before a return on presentation of a negative result”.

Change, however, the family will also receive two free self-tests in the pharmacy, “so that the students can test themselves again at home on D + 2 and D + 4”.

This multiplication of tests several days apart will “ensure that a student who was negative on the first day has not become positive later.” But also, “to keep the school open”.

Change for teachers

While the scientific council estimates that in January 2022, a third of teachers will be positive, Jean-Michel Blanquer wishes to prevent the risk of absenteeism.

As a result, vaccinated adults and contact cases will not be isolated if their tests are negative.

Note that the teachers currently in contact “will return to school if they are vaccinated after having taken a test”.

Restriction of interactions

In order to limit the spread of the virus, the Minister of Education asked “to limit as much as possible interactions other than those linked to school life stricto sensu”. Thus, “the ceremonies of wishes or the moments of conviviality around the cake will not take place”. Parent-teacher meetings will take place remotely.

In addition, teachers will no longer be allowed to have their coffee standing in their common room.


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